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Real Estate Careers

Are you thinking about a career in Real Estate? Ever watch one of those HGTV shows and think, I would love to sell real estate? Well, its not really like what you see on TV, It can be long hours and an emotional rollercoaster. The first couple of years can be tough. However it is a great and rewarding profession! Once you get well established you can earn a good living and nothing compares to how good you feel when you hand the keys over to a first time home buyer.

New to Real Estate?

Keller Williams is the place for you! For the last several years Keller Williams has been selected as the best training company in America. We go above and beyond to make sure you have the knowledge and support you need to achieve!

Keep in mind most of the real estate is a do for yourself. KW will give you the tools, knowledge, and direction. However your actions are what will create the results,

Why Keller Williams

We are the Number 1 real estate company in the US! What does that mean to you? It means we have proven systems and track record to get you started in the right direction.

A Culture of Caring

Our company Motto is God, Family, Business. We hold ourselves and those we do business with to high moral standards. Furthermore, Keller Williams gives back the community and to its agents. Each year we close the company for a day and everyone goes out a volunteers in their local community. We call it Red Day.

A Foundation Built upon it Agents

Keller Williams revolutionised the Real Estate world with their fundamental beliefs and being so agent centric. Each agent is a business and while KW provides models and training, you are allowed to run your business the way you want. My Listing, my leads is one of the founding principals. Unlike other companies, the broker does not get your leads. Your leads come to you!