Termite Agreements

When you purchase a home, usually a termite inspection is completed less than 30 days before closing. Typically this inspection will carry a one year pest warranty free of charge. After which time the homeowner has the option to renew the warranty usually in one year increments. Usually the amount is under $150 a year and comes with an additional free inspection per year along with free treatment if termites are found.

Some companies are better about reminding you about the agreement then others. It is up to you to keep it in mind because a treatment for termites will cost several hundreds even thousands of dollars. And if untreated, the costs for repairs could be huge.

Recently a Local Richmond Pest Control company has been sending out letters to new home buyers trying to sell them a pest warranty, This company is charging a huge fee and is misrepresenting themselves as the company who did your termite check. Dont get sucked into their offer.

If you have a concern termites are attacking your home, call a professional and heave them determine the proper course of action.