Millennials are moving to Richmond

Richmond is the place for millennials! And why not, it has so much to offer! Love outdoor sports, we have you covered- hiking, biking, water sports, motor sports, and even recreational sports. There is so much to choose from.

Love quality food and drinks? Richmond is the place for you. We have a huge selection of high quality restaurants. There is a wide selection of types of food and for every taste. Kosher, vegan.. we have it. Looking for a great drink selection? Most restaurants carry a wide array of drinks including many of the local breweries. If you just want great beer, go right to the brewery.

Want to hang out with your dog? Richmond is a dog friendly town. There are several dog parks in town and many restaurants allow dogs in their outdoor seating areas.

One of the great reasons to buy a home in Richmond is the low tax rates and historically homes have been a great investment.

Want great art and museums, Richmond has the many museums for all type of tastes. Virginia Museum of Art, the Valentine Museum and the Science Museum are just a few.

Are you a history buff? Come emerge yourself in Richmond rich history, from the early settlements, the old stone house, or the riverfront plantation homes. Visit the Civil War battlefields or the White House of the Confederacy.

WIn short Richmond has so much to offer, so it is not a surprise millenials are moving to Richmond.