Buying a home can be an excited and stressful time. There is so much to consider, where should I buy, how much can I afford, which agent do I use, should I talk to a bank or a mortgage broker, what features do I want..

So let’s start at the first step, Call us for an initial talk. We will tell you how the current market is performing and who is the best lender to use. Meanwhile, drive through some neighborhoods and get familiar with the different areas. Also, make a list of what is important to you for your new home- turn it into a list of wants and needs, consider many thing such as- school district, close to work, size of house, how much yard do you want? There are lots of questions to consider. 

Financing your home

There is much to consider when it come to financing a home. Do you have a down payment? If you put down 20% you can use conventional financing. However, this is not an option for many people. There are program out there where the buyer doesn’t even have to provide a down payment or provides a very low down payment. There may be grants and we have other ways to help you with the initial down payment. 

Finding your home

Idealistically, you will come into the office and have a one on one consultation with your agent. Meeting at the office isn’t always possible and your consultant will discuss this with you. Bring your list of wants and needs along with your pre-approval. During this time your consultant will ask lots of questions. The goal here is to know more about you and your wants so we don’t have to drive around endlessly looking at homes. This is also the time where you sign up for buyer representation, this is a requirement from the state of Virginia and its in your best interest. 

Found the home, what now?

You found the perfect home, our Consultant will advise you on price and will fill out the contracts. Ultimately you make the final choice, however they will guide you to help you get the home you want. 

Home Inspection

The home inspection is performed by a licensed independent  home inspector. We will give you a list of quality inspectors, you select one and we will help arrange time and date of inspection. The inspector is normally paid the day of the inspection and the provide you a list of times to repair. Armed with the report, we can decided which repairs need to be performed. 




Closing is the final stage and the day you have been waiting to arrive. Today is the day you take possession on your new home! Your agent will meet you for a walk through and then to the closing office. While its sounds scare it really isnt.. This is one of the happiest days of your life and we will be there with you!